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The ICC Digital Standards Initiative Industry Advisory Board has a cross-regional and cross-industry representation, bringing together leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences who share a passion for solving key challenges facing trade digitization efforts.  


The Industry Advisory Board enables the DSI to engage senior stakeholders within a neutral governed venue to contribute towards standards development, educational development and advocacy for standards adoption. Read the IAB Governance Charter ⇣. 

Connecting Dots


The ICC Digital Standards Initiative Industry Advisory Board conducts quarterly meetings.


Below is a listing of all DSI Industry Advisory Board meetings and minutes starting with the inaugural Board meeting held on 20 August 2021.



Access our resource page and download the documents you need to answer your questions on digital standards and trade.

⇲ IAB Governance Charter

⇲ Standards Toolkits for Cross-Border Paperless Trade

⇲ Digital Trade Standards
⇲ DSI Trusted Technologies Principles

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